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Museo Farmacéutico: Playa Larga

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  • Museo Farmacéutico

    Museo Farmacéutico

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    Museum pharmacist located in the town of Matanzas, province Matanzas pharmacy French in the Center of the city of Matanzas the visitor you can find the only drugstore French which retains all your instrumental original from the date of founded in 1882. the Museum pharmacist account among its parts most important, collections of bottles porcelain polychrome, the table dispensation rial that obtained bronze medal in the international exhibition of Paris 1900, more than 50 books recipes original the time, plus a collection of books in four languages making up the library of the Museum. in addition, will be able to find drugs, pots porcelain, implements used in the development of drugs during the last century, herbs medicinal, etc. all this and more in a condition enviable.

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