Top things to do in Viñales, Cuba

Top things to do in Viñales

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  • Parque Nacional

    Parque Nacional

    The 150 square km constituting the Vinales National Park form a unique cultural landscape, the park is managed from the Visitor Center, which is located 2 km before reaching Viñales along the road from Pinar del Rio, the National Park has several excursions which can be arranged directly from the Visitor Center in the municipal museum or travel agencies that are located in the village of Viñales. Among the most prominent are hiking, the trail Cocosolo Palmarito about 11 km, this tour offers great views and opportunities to discover the flora and local fauna. Another interesting excursion is the "Maravillas de Vinales", which got its start 13 km from Viñales and just 1 km before reaching the Pueblo El Moncada, where the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas, this trail is ideal for watching birds, it is very important to arrive early in the morning, you can also see endemic plants. Viñales is a nice village for staying two, three ore more days. There's the unique scenery, pure nature around the village.

  • Casa del Veguero

    Casa del Veguero

    To learn more about the process of tobacco is recommended to stop at La Casa del Vegero, 1km from Viñales along the road to the Hotel Los Jazmines, the staff makes a brief explanation of the process and you can buy some loose cigars. There is also a very nice quiet little restaurant. The best tobacco of the world. Vinales gives you so many untouchable pleasures: an oxygen so pure you can almost smell it, the friendly spirit and kindness of its people and the poetry of the dew at dawn dispersing and unveiling the majesty of “mogotes” each morning before your eyes. If you embark on this adventure with your children, as I have, don’t be surprised by their broad smiles when they discover these divine elevations that lead to a true paradise. Treat yourself to this trip, especially with family. It’s a first-hand invitation. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, “vinaleros” (locals from Vinales) protect its beautiful landscapes and welcome anyone who wishes to admire what many consider a true paradise on earth.

  • Palenque de los Cimarrones

    Palenque de los Cimarrones

    It is a small museum where you walk through a cave (Cueva de San Miguel) showing how the slaves centuries ago were hiding. At the end of the cave there is restaurant with a show of slaves, mostly for bus tours. The cave is known for its discotheque frequented the late week by many locals.

  • Cueva del Indio

    Cueva del Indio

    La Cueva del Indio is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Vinales, in the San Vicente Valley about 7 km of Vinales along the road has Puerto Esperanza, the cave is electrified and the boats come and go throughout the day by the underground river, the tour guide makes an explanation of cave formations. In the vicinity are some restaurants and small shops to take some souvenir.

  • Mural de la Prehistoria

    Mural de la Prehistoria

    The Mural of Prehistory is in the Dos Hermanas Valley, approximately 3 km from Viñales by road to the Moncada. The mural is painted on the rock hillock called Pita and shows the evolution of life in a natural sense. The mural was created in the perpendicular hillside wiped to perform this work, the rock was washed and drains were in it to prevent erosion caused by rain and has a dimension of 120 by 160 meters long. The creator was Leovigildo Gonzalez Morillo and he Guanahatabeyes Indians are represented, species of mammals, gigantic animals and some Mollusks representing the evolutionary process of men and animals in the Sierra de los Órganos.

  • Cayo Jutías Beach | Day Trip

    Cayo Jutías Beach

    If you dream of pristine beaches and turquoise waters where you can enjoy the tranquility and get away from the large hotel complexes. Jutias is located on the north coast of the municipality of Minas de Matahambre, about 65 km from Viñales (1 hour trip approximately) access it is a built on the sea road has a length of 5 km, has an approximate area 4 km and a beach of good quality 5 km, known for its turquoise water and white sand but especially for the tranquility of the place that is especially due to the lack of permanent housing, the only services provided in the restaurant island are Jutias, some timbiriches state for juices, soft drinks and some light meals and a couple cabin rent kayaks and organize trips to a reef dives. To reach from Viñales Cayo Jutías can be done by taxi or private car.

  • Visit the north coast of Cuba | Day Trip

    Visit the north coast of Cuba

    Visit the north coast of Cuba, there you will find very nice beaches. Most of them are very quiet, there are only a few tourists. Specially recomendable are the excursions to the isle Cayo Jutías and to the isle Cayo Levisa. Last-mentioned is also very famous among divers. It's posibile to make a daily trip to this two places. If you like to go in the most agreeable way I recomend to organise the trip by a local tourist agency. Comparing the ofers in Viñales, Havanatur has the best (Their office is at the town centre of Viñales.