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Castillo de Seboruco de Santa Bárbara: Baracoa

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  • Castillo de Seboruco de Santa Bárbara

    Castillo de Seboruco de Santa Bárbara

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    Visit the old Seboruco Castle, turned today into a hotel, and enjoy the amazing views from its overlook. Seboruco de Santa Bárbara Castle, Baracoa. Seboruco de Santa Bárbara Castle. The Seboruco Castle is one of the three fortresses of the defensive Spanish system raised in the city of Baracoa. This construction was the most important one for the defense of the city due to its strategic position, since it is located in a hillside, more than 100 metres above the sea level. The well-known castle served as the control of the Baracoa Bay. Its construction dates from the 18th century, began by the Spaniards in 1739 and finished by the Americans in 1900. Due to its old defensive functions, it was declared National Monument in 1978. In the decade of the 70 in the 20th century, the Seboruco Castle became a hotel and nowadays keeps offering these services under the name “El Castillo” Hotel. As a characteristic, the inn counts with an overlook which shoes beautiful panoramic views of the bay, the city, the Miel River and the Yunque. Furthermore, from the end of the castle you can see the Bella Durmiente, outline formed by the mountains of the Toa Range.

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