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Casa del Veguero in Viñales

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    Casa del Veguero

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    To learn more about the process of tobacco is recommended to stop at La Casa del Vegero, 1km from Viñales along the road to the Hotel Los Jazmines, the staff makes a brief explanation of the process and you can buy some loose cigars. There is also a very nice quiet little restaurant. The best tobacco of the world. Vinales gives you so many untouchable pleasures: an oxygen so pure you can almost smell it, the friendly spirit and kindness of its people and the poetry of the dew at dawn dispersing and unveiling the majesty of “mogotes” each morning before your eyes. If you embark on this adventure with your children, as I have, don’t be surprised by their broad smiles when they discover these divine elevations that lead to a true paradise. Treat yourself to this trip, especially with family. It’s a first-hand invitation. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, “vinaleros” (locals from Vinales) protect its beautiful landscapes and welcome anyone who wishes to admire what many consider a true paradise on earth.

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