Subir a la torre de Manaca Iznaga

Subir a la torre de Manaca Iznaga in Trinidad

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    Subir a la torre de Manaca Iznaga

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    Upload to the tower manaca iznaga in Southern Cuba, in the Valley of the Mills, you'll find yourself for a landscape wrought by the culture of sugarcane from the eighteenth century. of all plantations that one day poblaron the area, highlights the Treasury manaca iznaga, in which is preserved the House of the owner, a spectacular tower and some of the barracks in which they lived slaves working the Earth. in addition to explore the past Colonial, don't you can go without up until the tallest tower 45 meters that one day, was the tallest structure of Cuba. to his feet you will find the tower that the crowned with which announced the beginning and end of the working day. if you don't feel like a long walk or complicarte to reach, making the steam train walking the Valley of the Mills sugar and get off in stop manaca iznaga.

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