Top things to do in Baracoa, Cuba

Top things to do in Baracoa

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  • Parque Alejandro de Humboldt | Day Trip

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    Parque Alejandro de Humboldt

    Declared Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, this park is located in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve Frijol, 40 kilometers northwest of Baracoa. Known as the best preserved mountainous ecosystem in the Caribbean. According to UNESCO "one of the tropical island sites most biologically diverse in the world." It was named after German explorer Alexander von Humboldt, who first arrived in 1801.

  • Castillo de Seboruco de Santa Bárbara

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    Castillo de Seboruco de Santa Bárbara

    Visit the old Seboruco Castle, turned today into a hotel, and enjoy the amazing views from its overlook. Seboruco de Santa Bárbara Castle, Baracoa. Seboruco de Santa Bárbara Castle. The Seboruco Castle is one of the three fortresses of the defensive Spanish system raised in the city of Baracoa. This construction was the most important one for the defense of the city due to its strategic position, ...

  • Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

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    Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

    Visit the welcoming Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church and admire the Parra Saint Cross, the first symbol of Christianity of the area. The Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Parish, belonging to the Catholic Church, was built in 1803 in the central park of the city of Baracoa. Its initial structure has suffered successive transformations until in 1905 it acquired the distribut ...

  • Museo de Arqueología Cueva del Paraíso

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    Museo de Arqueología Cueva del Paraíso

    Enjoy an extraordinary visit to the Cueva del Paríso Archeological Museum, near the overlook of El Castillo de Seboruco Hotel. 500 meter far from the Castillo Hotel, in Baracoa, you will find the area of the heights of Paraíso, where it is located “Seboruco Terrace”. Classified as phreatic origin, the fascinating Cave Museum is divided in three rooms where you can appreciate the forms of life, obj ...

  • El Yunque

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    El Yunque

    Go on a trip to this peculiar mountain with the shape of an anvil and enjoy its nature. The Yunque is a mountain which is found 10 km away from Baracoa, located in a protected area. This formation, which is seen from every point of the city, this part if the biosphere of Cuchillas del Toa, getting the category of Outstanding Natural Element. With a height of 560 meters, its characterized because i ...

  • Museo Municipal de Baracoa

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    Museo Municipal de Baracoa

    Visit the Matachín Fortress Museum and discover the secrets of the native culture of the area and the fascinating history of the Baracoa Village. Located in the Punta de Esteban Top, at the Northeastern of Baracoa, the museum is known as de Matachín Fort Museum. The name of the center comes from the 19th century, since in the age two daily farm animals were killed to feed the Spanish Army. This im ...

  • Parque Martí, Guantánamo | Day Trip

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    Parque Martí, Guantánamo

    Have a walk through the José Martí Park and its surroundings and enjoy the cultural, political and commercial life revolving around the beautiful square. The Parque José Martí (José Martí Park), located in front of the Iglesia de Santa Catalina de Riccis Church, is one of the most outstanding spaces in the city of Guantánamo. Also known as Central Park, on its beginning it was named Weapons Squ ...

  • Playa Blanca

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    Playa Blanca

    Rest in this little quiet beach very closer to the city of Baracoa. The beautiful playa Blanca is set up in the suburbs of the city of Baracoa, just two kilometers away from the city. This way, you can enjoy it after a calm walk from the village and crossing the Miel River. The characteristic thing of the charming white sand, crystalline waters beach, is that you have to pay the admission on the c ...

  • Playa Maguana

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    Playa Maguana

    Discover this idyllic tropical white sand beach a few kilometers far from the city of Baracoa. The Maguana Beach, located around 20 kilometers North from Baracoa, is the perfect sample of a tropical beach. This delightful beach is characterized not just by its reluctant white sand of its shore, but for being surrounded by palm trees and counts with quiet turquoise waters, result of the protecti ...

  • Plaza Mercado

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    Plaza Mercado

    Visit the Plaza del Mercado de Guantánamo Market Square and go over the monumental building discovering the architectonic value it encloses. The Plaza del mercado de Guantánamo Market Square, designed by the architect José Lecticio Salcines from 1914 on, is one of the most representative edifications of the eclecticism of the city. The building of the Plaza del Mercado Market Square has an impo ...

  • Río Toa

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    Río Toa

    Explore the fauna and flora of the known as Cuba’s Amazon and discover the widest river of the island. The Río Toa, name which means ‘frog’ in indigenous language, is located 10 km Northwest from Baracoa. It is born in the Chuchillas Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa and it flows into the city of Baracoa. The Toa is characterized because it is the widest river in Cuba and where 71 tributaries flow into. With a l ...