Top things to do in Camaguey, Cuba

Top things to do in Camaguey

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  • Cinema Street / Calle Cinema

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    Cinema Street / Calle Cinema

    Historic Cinema Street housed the first cinema in Camagüey and has recently undergone a serious remodel to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the city. The original movie theater is now a film themed restaurant, but there are many other cinemas open on the street today.

  • Callejón de la soledad

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    Callejón de la soledad

    Alley solitude forms a complex gourmet next to still life Don Cayetano. it's a coffee shop outdoor serving fast food, with a service agile and very professional. provides services in a captivating site of historical Center of town. their tables mud, made by Potters patio, reflect legends camagüeyanas. his specialty is the Burger principeña, made based pork, Res, egg, garlic and onion. a trio of tr ...

  • Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

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    Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

    Church loneliness this Church is among the oldest of Cuba, and its origin gave walk to an old legend. the present building, refurbished inside, dates from 1776. there was named in the year 1814 the famous Gertrude Gomez of avellaneda, poet and Writer of the nineteenth century Cuban. also contracted marriage, in 1868, Amalia Simoni and Ignacio agramonte, actors one of the most beautiful decimonónic ...

  • Parque Ignacio Agramonte

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    Parque Ignacio Agramonte

    Park agramonte old main square dating back of the year 1528. in one of his side is the old Church, today Metropolitan Cathedral, dedicated to our Lady of the Candelaria, patron Saint of the city. the Temple was built in the same place a sanctuary previous served of closure to locals captives pirate Welsh Henry Morgan, during his attack Villa in 1668. in Central Park stands the iconic equestrian st ...

  • Restaurant El Ovejito

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    Restaurant El Ovejito

    Restaurant Ovejito is located in a typical housing camagüeyana of the first half of the nineteenth century. the Restaurant the Ovejito is also one of the environments Colonial best preserved of the city, where the office of the historian has established a project socio-cultural for resuscitation popular traditions.

  • Santa Cruz del Sur | Day Trip

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    Santa Cruz del Sur

    The remote area Santa Cruz South is Fortunately quite away from the massification tour is a place delicious in which spend a few days. this fishing Port at the end of a road is a good starting point to explore the quiet keys Gardens Queen, a lush Forest mangrove 120 kilometers long as well as a reef corals and Marine Park of 3.800 square kilometers in which there are still areas Virgin few have se ...

  • Plaza del Carmen

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    Plaza del Carmen

    Discover the renewed Plaza del Carmen Square and its charm still hidden for the visitors of Camagüey Plaza del Carmen Square, Camagüey Plaza del Carmen. The Plaza del Carmen is the most beautiful and less visited square in the city, and it is located approximately 600 meters west to the Republic Avenue, hidden in Camagüey. Some years ago, in a great restoration work, it became a much-improved squa ...