Top things to do in Trinidad, Cuba

Top things to do in Trinidad

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  • Plaza Mayor

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    Plaza Mayor

    The picturesque Plaza Mayor lies in the historical center of Trinidad and is an ideal place to start a sightseeing tour of the city. Many of Trinidad's top tourist attractions lie on or near the Plaza Mayor, including the fascinating Museo Historico Municipal, the famous Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad, and other museums and architectural gems. After exploring the pretty colonial mansi ...

  • Museo Historico Municipal

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    Museo Historico Municipal

    The Museo Historico Municipal in Trinidad is housed in the beautiful neoclassical Palacio Cantero. Built in the early 1800s, the mansion has an air of grandeur throughout with Italian marble floors and large open rooms. The museum explores the history of Trinidad and the surrounding areas. On display are documents and maps, as well as exhibits on the World Heritage-listed Valle de los Ingenios, th ...

  • Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad

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    Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad

    On the upper end of the Plaza Mayor, the Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad wears a simple sun-bleached Neoclassical fachade, which belies its interior treasures. This is the largest church in Cuba and houses a much-worshipped statue known as Christ of the True Cross or Senor de la Vera Cruz. This 18th-century wooden statue was bound for a church in Vera Cruz, Mexico from its place of ori ...

  • Playa Ancon | Day Trip

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    Playa Ancon

    About 12 kilometers south of Trinidad, Playa Ancon, on the Peninsula Ancon, is one of the prettiest beaches on the south coast of Cuba. A coral reef bristles just offshore, and the 4-kilometer stretch of white sand fringes crystal clear seas in dreamy shades of blue. Though not quite as striking as Varadero, Guardalavaca, and Cayo Coco, Playa Ancon tends to be less crowded than these famous strand ...

  • Museo Romantico

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    Museo Romantico

    The yellow-hued Palacio Brunet houses the Museo Romantico, which offers a window into the world of wealthy sugar baron, Conde de Brunet. Built in the early 19th century, this attractive colonial mansion was owned by Brunet, from 1830 to 1860, an era referred to as the Romantic period. The museum's collection comprises items from several wealthy Trinidad families, but primarily the Brunet's possess ...

  • Museo de Arquitectura Colonial

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    Museo de Arquitectura Colonial

    For visitors who would like to learn more about the intricacies of Trinidad's colonial architecture, the Museo de Arquitectura Colonial delves into the details. The Sanchez Iznaga mansion houses the museum and consists of two blue 18th-century buildings that were combined in the early 19th century. Within its interior are displays of architectural trimming such as doors, handles, locks, windows, a ...

  • Galeria de Arte

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    Galeria de Arte

    The Casa de Aldeman Ortiz is a colonial mansion from 1809 that was originally built for Ortiz de Zuniga, a slave trader and mayor of Trinidad. The building now houses the Galeria de Arte, which contains an art school and offers paintings for sale to the public. Contemporary Cuban art dominates the collection. As well as viewing some of these vibrant pieces, a visit here is a good excuse to see the ...

  • Museo Nacional de Lucha Contra Bandidos

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    Museo Nacional de Lucha Contra Bandidos

    A distinctive landmark in Trinidad, the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco with its pretty yellow and green bell tower claims an eventful history. Built in 1813 by the Franciscans, this former convent was taken over and turned into a parish church in the mid 1800s and later became a jail before much of the structure was torn down in the 1920s. Only some of the outer buildings and the bell tower s ...

  • Salto del Caburni | Day Trip

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    Salto del Caburni

    Surrounding Trinidad are the emerald peaks of the Sierra del Escambray with some rewarding hikes. Here, in the Topes de Collantes National Park, nature lovers can embark on a challenging trail to the 75-meter waterfall of Salto del Caburni. The trail is about 5 to 6 kilometers round trip through a forest of palms and pine trees where hikers can spot hummingbirds, woodpeckers, insects, and beautifu ...

  • Valle de los Ingenios | Day Trip

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    Valle de los Ingenios

    East of Trinidad, on the road to Sancti Spiritus, lies the lush Valle de los Ingenios with gorgeous scenery of green sugar cane fields, palms trees, and mountains. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the valley, also known as Valle de San Luis, contains relics and monuments from the 19th century when slave-tended sugar cane plantations and mills flourished here. Tours of the valley should incl ...

  • Biblioteca Villena

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    Biblioteca Villena

    Library Villena located in the town of Sancti Spiritus, province Sancti Spiritus library villena located on the Street maximum Gomez No. 1, corner to Manolo Solano of the city of Sancti spirits. with Dome bathed in gold and walls decorated style neocolonial, large Windows & doors, make reader feel comfortable in an environment of wisdom and knowledge.

  • Casa de la Trova

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    Casa de la Trova

    House of trova located in the town of Sancti Spiritus, province Sancti Spiritus House trova Sancti Spiritus the House of trova is on the Street Fernando Hernandez echerri No. 29 city Sancti spirits. place to share between Bohemians and guitars, where Queen spontaneity, talk without prohibitions or tricks. is welcome who come and join the group where vibrate ropes. the House of trova has a site for ...

  • Iglesia Parroquial Mayor, Sancti Spíritus

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    Iglesia Parroquial Mayor, Sancti Spíritus

    Discover the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor Church, the most visited by international tourists in Cuba. The Iglesia Parroquial Mayor Church is the oldest temple in Cuba. Originally it was built in Pueblo Viejo, close to the Tuinicú River, and it was built in wood. Due to the growth of the city in 1680, its location was changed to the current one being built with lime and pebble. Nowadays is one of the c ...

  • La Canchánchara

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    La Canchánchara

    The canchánchara located in the town of Sancti Spiritus, province Sancti Spiritus the canchánchara is not more than a drink of heaven that helps awakening the mood, prepared with honey, lemon and spirits Tiller. this drink the took the mambises in Mount. the time now is prepared in Tavern that carries the same name. served in small vessels mud Red, like the cane juice. all these drinks have their ...

  • Museo Arte Colonial

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    Museo Arte Colonial

    Museum Colonial art located in the town of Sancti Spiritus, province Sancti Spiritus the Museum of art Colonial appointed as well as the House of the hundred doors is located on the Street plácido number 74 between guairo and Pancho Jimenez corresponding to the city of Sancti Spiritus, located in the most transcendental building of the historical Center city of the city. the Museum is representati ...

  • Puente Yayabo

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    Puente Yayabo

    Bridge yayabo located in the town of Sancti Spiritus, province Sancti Spiritus bridge on the River yayabo, represents to Cuba a National monument, with more than half a century of existence. located in the Street Jesus Menendez and July 26 of the city of Sancti Spiritus. launched on 12 June 1825, stands majestic and solid bridge on the River yayabo. identified by their 5 arches ranging decreasing ...

  • Subir a la torre de Manaca Iznaga | Day Trip

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    Subir a la torre de Manaca Iznaga

    Upload to the tower manaca iznaga in Southern Cuba, in the Valley of the Mills, you'll find yourself for a landscape wrought by the culture of sugarcane from the eighteenth century. of all plantations that one day poblaron the area, highlights the Treasury manaca iznaga, in which is preserved the House of the owner, a spectacular tower and some of the barracks in which they lived slaves working th ...

  • Montar a caballo | Day Trip

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    Montar a caballo

    Riding on a plantation sugar near Trinidad life in Trinidad is still strongly related to the field and routines. maybe that's why horses are present in a daily basis of this Colonial city. climb to one of these mounts to explore the Valley, trails to the shadow of handles or waterfall the pylon. take the bathing suit and towel to give you a bathroom in the pool natural that there is below the wate ...

  • Topes de Collantes | Day Trip

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    Topes de Collantes

    Enjoy the natural Cuban paradise in its purest form in Topes de Collantes and visit its numerous attractions. The Topes de Collantes Natural Park is located in Sierra del Escambray Range, which has a height of 800 meter above the sea level. The Pico San Juan PIke is the highest one, with 1140 meters height. It counts with a natural protected beautiful landscape which also has a high scientific val ...