Top things to do in Santa Clara, Cuba

Top things to do in Santa Clara

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  • Mausoleo del Che

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    Mausoleo del Che

    Visited so far by 2.5 million people, the resting place for Che and 16 of his men killed in action in 1967 in Bolivia is a memorial complex featuring an large square used for parades and large rallies, a monument now emblematic of Santa Clara, and a mausoleum crypt with an exhibit displaying artifacts, photos and memorabilia of Che, an extensive view of his life and work. Is where the bodies of ...

  • Monumento al Tren Blindado

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    Monumento al Tren Blindado

    Monument at the site where guerrilla forces commanded by Che Guevara defeated reinforcements sent in an armoured train (tren blindado) by Batista's army in 1958. The monument include original armoured boxcars with displays of photos, armaments and artifacts inside, and a bulldozer used by the rebels to derail the train. This monument is situated at the en of the pedestrian zone called El Boulev ...

  • Centro El Mejunje

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    Centro El Mejunje

    One of the most popular places for visitors and locals alike in Santa Clara. Mejunje is Spanish for 'concoction' and in this is a concoction of styles, tastes and people: the weekly program have days for traditional Cuban music (son) and dancing, trova, salsa, theater, poem reading, local rock bands, and drag shows. The bohemian-style courtyard in the middle of the ruins of a former hotel is a per ...

  • Parque Vidal y Casa de la Cultura

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    Parque Vidal y Casa de la Cultura

    Just 3 blocks away from our house, a large square circled by some of the most interesting buildings in town. Always busy with locals going about their lives, since there's a movie theater, a library, cafeterias and offices around the square. In the evenings, a favourite hangout for people of all ages looking to meet and chat enjoying the breeze, and families to bring their children for a ride in g ...

  • Teatro La Caridad

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    Teatro La Caridad

    At a corner of Parque Vidal, La Caridad Theater was built in 1885 and stands as one of the few remaining colonial theaters. Remarkable for its design and decoration, the many arched doors around the building allowed for a good natural ventilation of the hall. Features the original iron grillwork on balconies, and beautiful fresco paintings by Melero and Zelaya covering the ceiling and sides of the ...

  • Museo de Artes Decorativas

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    Museo de Artes Decorativas

    At a corner of Parque Vidal, a museum recreating the ambiance of the homes of the wealthy during the colonial era. The house itself is from the 18th. Century, with a beautiful central courtyard featuring stained glass windows (vitrales) and brick paving, a space often used for concerts. The museum displays art, furniture, porcelain, glass ware and pottery from the colonial period. Near to Parqu ...

  • Cayo Santa María | Day Trip

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    Cayo Santa María

    90 min. drive from Santa Clara, this is a great day excursion to enjoy unspoiled beaches with powder-like white sands and crystal clear waters. On the way to the coast, enjoy the scenery of beautiful rural areas and drive through the towns of Camajuani, Remedios and Caibarien. Then, take a 'pedraplen' or causeway in Spanish that crosses over shallow sea straits and connects a string of islands dec ...

  • Remedios | Day Trip

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    Fifty minutes to the Northwest of Santa Clara, out of the beaten path and forgotten by tour operators, Remedios is one of the oldest towns in Cuba, and the colonial architecture dominates this peaceful town. Remedios was declared a National Monument town, where you can find 17th. Century buidings still intact. Plaza Mayor square is surrounded by colonial buildings, beautiful monuments, trees, palm ...

  • Barco San Pascual | Day Trip

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    Barco San Pascual

    Boat San Pascual located in the town of key witches, Villa Clara province one of the attractive in the region is the boat "San Pascual", aground in near key witches for over 70 years and become a rarity naval to be built reinforced concrete and thrown water in the year 1920 in yards of San Francisco, California, to be used in the transportation of honey. ship San Pascual it installed as air of the ...

  • Museo de las Parrandas Remedianas

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    Museo de las Parrandas Remedianas

    Museum of parrandas remedianas located in the town of remedies, Villa Clara province in this Museum shown photos, models, clothing, lanterns and other items used in the parrandas remedianas, festival that held every year December 24 and is a tradition very rooted among the people. the origin of these parties dates back to Christmas 1820, when the cure of the city, to see your Church without parish ...

  • Palacio de Justicia

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    Palacio de Justicia

    Courthouse located in the town of Santa Clara, Villa Clara province courthouse construction in the nineteenth century was used as prison Patriots that opposed colonialism. to conclude domination Spanish in Cuba installed in the same place the hearing Santa Clara until in the year 1927, was demolished and built in that area the building of the courthouse, building that stays up today and it's symbo ...