Top things to do in Playa Larga, Cuba

Top things to do in Playa Larga

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  • Las Salinas | Day Trip

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    Las Salinas

    One of the most popular excursions is to this laguna where large numbers of migratory waterfowl can be seen from November to April: we're talking 10,000 pink flamingos at a time, plus 190 other feathered species. The first half of the road to Las Salinas is through the forest, while the second half passes swamps and lagoons.

  • Río Hatiguanico | Day Trip

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    Río Hatiguanico

    Switching from land to boat, this excursion takes you on a three-hour 12km river trip through the densely forested northwestern part of the peninsula. You'll have to duck to avoid the branches at some points, while at others the river opens out into a wide delta-like estuary. Best Advice: Spend an afternoon sailing along this river and observing the peninsula’s rich local wildlife, including an ar ...

  • Caleta Buena | Day Trip

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    Caleta Buena

    Eight kilometers southeast of Playa Girón is Caleta Buena , a lovely protected cove perfect for snorkeling and kitted out with another diving office. Admission to the beach is CUC$15 (can change) and includes an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet and open bar. There are beach chairs and thatched umbrellas dotting the rocky shoreline and enough space in this remote place to have a little privacy.

  • Cueva de los peces

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    Cueva de los peces

    Underwater treasures can be seen at the Cueva de los Peces (a natural pool) , a flooded tectonic fault (or cenote), about 70m deep on the inland side of the road, almost exactly midway between Playa Larga and Playa Girón. There are lots of bright, tropical fish, plus you can explore back into the darker, spookier parts of the cenote ideal for snorkelling and is teeming with fish. The shallow water ...

  • Observación de Aves

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    Observación de Aves

    This special and interesting tourist activity can be undertaken in different parts of the Zapata peninsula, however, the most important places to point out are the following: the migratory bird sanctuary in Las Salinas, the hiking trails of Bermejas, Soplillar, Los Hondones and Santo Tomas, where a large number of migratory species can be observed; the natural habitat of endemic species in the are ...

  • Buceo en la Ciénaga de Zapata | Day Trip

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    Buceo en la Ciénaga de Zapata

    Along the coastline of the Bay of Pigs there are dozens of diving spots where the well preserved seafloor of this region can be accessed from the coast and five diving stations with facilities for refilling scuba tanks and acquiring diving equipment in Playa Larga, Cueva de los Peces, Punta Perdices, Playa Girón and Caleta Buena, managed by certified trainers, whose qualifications are recognised b ...

  • Museos

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    In this area you can visit 2 museums: the Memorial of the 50th Anniversary, where you can see how people of this region lived before the triumph of the Revolution and the Victory Museum of Playa Girón, where you can learn about the details of the mercenary invasion in 1961.

  • La laguna del Tesoro, Guamá

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    La laguna del Tesoro, Guamá

    This lake is 5km east of Boca de Guamá via the Canal de la Laguna, accessible only by boat. On the far (east) side of the 92-sq-km body of water is a tourist resort named Villa Guamá, built to resemble a Taíno village, on a dozen small islands A sculpture park next to the mock village has 32 life-size figures of Taíno villagers in a variety of idealized poses.

  • Criadero de cocodrilos

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    Criadero de cocodrilos

    Established in 1962, this crocodile breeding farm has successfully saved two endangered species of crocodiles from extinction. Inside the Guamá complex near the Villa Guamá departure dock, the Criadero de Cocodrilos farm breeds crocodiles – although the fenced-off lake seems barely more authentic than the Taíno village.

  • Explore the Zapata Peninsula | Day Trip

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    Explore the Zapata Peninsula

    The Zapata Peninsula is the biggest in Cuba, with 300 thousand hectares. It has a length from east to west of 175 km, and 58 km of width, The Peninsula National Park is has a vast ecological value. This is the largest wilderness area in Cuba, there you will be able to find and see dozens of endemic and migratory species, like the Cuban crocodile. There also you can see 900 species of native plants ...

  • Refugio de Fauna Bermejas | Day Trip

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    Refugio de Fauna Bermejas

    The path is a tour of areas of forests semideciduos. the tour is approximately 2 ½ hours, for trails designed and marked for walks. in the same can be seen endemic bird and Forest mainly, accompanied provided by a guide National Park. must clothing and footwear light walking in ground level.

  • Paseo en locomotora del siglo XVII | Day Trip

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    Paseo en locomotora del siglo XVII

    Visita a las ruinas de un antiguo central azucarero, paseos por mas de 10 km en tren de vapor del siglo 17, visita a plantaciones cañeras y contacto con sus trabajadores, visita al museo de la localidad y la Finca Fiesta Campesina donde puede recibir diversos servicios gastronómicos. Dos coches ferroviarios adaptados con vista panorámica. Locomotora de vapor del siglo 17. Tiempo del paseo y ...

  • Punta Perdiz | Day Trip

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    Punta Perdiz

    Punta Perdiz, attractive site for diving Its peculiarity is that you can practice this nautical modality from the coast and access through this route to fascinating submerged landscapes The sea gives the lover of nature a particular beauty, entertainment and learning. These proposals have varied scenarios in Cuba, some well known, others surprising, as is the case of Punta Perdiz. It is a s ...

  • Sendero Enigma de las Rocas

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    Sendero Enigma de las Rocas

    This path is designed and sign posted to go a system espeleológico coastal called system espeleolacustre Zapata with cenotes or caves flooded, bathroom in the same, environmental interpretation, located in the Costa very near Beach Giron where you can make diving and snorkeling in such caves with clear waters, in addition to make the walk by the path of about 2 hours with clothes, shoes light and ...

  • Visita a las Estaciones Conservacionistas

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    Visita a las Estaciones Conservacionistas

    Visiting stations playing parakeets and cateyes, Center playing ictiofauna indigenous, station Botany with tour of facilities scientific reference with explanations of specialists that working in the same, have scientific and conservation native species and threatened in the region with which works for handling captive and loose in the natural environment. with a length of 3 hours is recommended c ...

  • Recorrido variado

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    Recorrido variado

    There are other areas that can visit such as soplillar, beat, mouth and hondones primarily for bird watchers in different ecosystems walks 2 hours approximately accompanied by a local guide specialized. needed clothing and footwear light, as well as binoculars.

  • Castillo San Severino

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    Castillo San Severino

    Castle San Severino located in the town of Matanzas, province Matanzas Castle, San Severino Castle San Severino is an excellent exponent of military architecture Cuban eighteenth-century. it is considered one of the most notable strengths Spanish American for its dimensions. was built for over 300 years in the West Coast of the city of Matanzas in order to protect and preserve trade and the inhabi ...

  • Cuevas de Bellamar

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    Cuevas de Bellamar

    Caves Bellamar located in the town of Matanzas, province Matanzas caves, Bellamar caves Bellamar were discovered by a slave in the nineteenth century. currently are the most visited of famous Cuba. with an extension of about 2 thousand feet, are formed by 3 caverns fundamental: Bellamar, the Jarrito and Soto Jíbaro, and are composed by formations crystalline with lot of stalactites and stalagmites ...

  • Museo Farmacéutico

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    Museo Farmacéutico

    Museum pharmacist located in the town of Matanzas, province Matanzas pharmacy French in the Center of the city of Matanzas the visitor you can find the only drugstore French which retains all your instrumental original from the date of founded in 1882. the Museum pharmacist account among its parts most important, collections of bottles porcelain polychrome, the table dispensation rial that obtaine ...

  • Plaza la Vigía

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    Plaza la Vigía

    Place Vigía located in the town of Matanzas, province Matanzas Plaza watch was the first main square built in the Villa. in this place was founded the city, on 10 October 1693. in the surrounding area preserved important buildings typical of the nineteenth century as the theater Sauto, the old Customs, the Palace of Reed, building the Vigía among others.

  • Puente de Bacunayagua

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    Puente de Bacunayagua

    Bridge Bacunayagua located in the town of Matanzas, province Matanzas the city of Matanzas had the privilege opened in the first year of the revolution, there by 1960, the bridge longer and top of Cuba until that time. construction is historically linked with that of the road "via White", initiated by the government of the President Charles Prío Socarrás, in order to shorten the distance between M ...

  • Valle del Río Yumurí | Day Trip

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    Valle del Río Yumurí

    Valle del Río Yumurí Ubicado en la localidad de Matanzas, provincia Matanzas Valle Yumuri es de los más impresionantes de la isla de Cuba, superado sólo por el de Valle de Viñales, en Pinar del Río. Ocupa el extremo Este de las elevaciones Habana-Matanzas, tiene alrededor de ocho kilómetros de diámetro y está rodeado, salvo por el Oeste, por un macizo montañoso de unos 150 m de altura. Su orig ...