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Iglesia Parroquial Mayor, Sancti Spíritus: Trinidad

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  • Iglesia Parroquial Mayor, Sancti Spíritus

    Iglesia Parroquial Mayor, Sancti Spíritus

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    Discover the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor Church, the most visited by international tourists in Cuba. The Iglesia Parroquial Mayor Church is the oldest temple in Cuba. Originally it was built in Pueblo Viejo, close to the Tuinicú River, and it was built in wood. Due to the growth of the city in 1680, its location was changed to the current one being built with lime and pebble. Nowadays is one of the colonial jewels of Romanesque and Baroque style, most visited by the international tourism. In 1977 it was declared National Monument. Its 40 meter height and its stands of 103 steps are two of the most outstanding aspects of its architecture, just as its chapel, which in the second half of the 17th century was attacked by pirates, who took with them sacred vases, liturgical ornaments and the famous golden pigeon. Its main entrance is also known as the Forgiveness Gate due to a known legend. The story goes that there it was buried a grumpy lady who requested it in her deathbed with the intention of, with the visitors steps over her body, gaining God’s forgiveness for one day.

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