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    Tropicana Havana located in the town of Marianao, province Havana. Tropicana Havana listed the most lavish Cabaret open pit and appointed as well as living under the stars is a single site in the world to enjoy the music and folklore Cuban and Caribbean throughout your colorful, musicality and rhythm together represents a waste of art to multiply the cubanísima joy of a real night tropical. Tropicana is in the city of Havana on the Street 72 and online railroad, Marianao, with phone: (537) 267 1717 and hours: 8:30 pm until the early hours. account capacity 1000 Pax and form a system of terraces open pit, surrounded by a lush tropical Forest, where each night are offered the fabulous and only shows Tropicana. Dancers Tropicana in the resort we can find: 1- lounge arches glass: living covered that plays the countryside Cuban at night, where Tropicana offers their shows rainy days. endowed with air conditioning and high comfort, this room is ideal for holding conventions, Press conferences, fashion shows, concerts and dance. has a capacity 500 Pax. 2- Restaurant Gardens: Tropicana Havana chords violin and piano, the moon filtering through the roof glass and a comprehensive view Park surrounding confirm exoticism and sophistication of this fancy restaurant located on the site that originally occupied casino Tropicana. service international food, all days from the 7.00 pm until 12.00 am with a capacity 100 Pax. 3- Coffee Rodney: with an environment characterized by the explosion of modernity own of the 50's, the Rodney is a corner Bohemian that captive immediately. cuisine varied and attractive prices; always from noon and even 12.00 am with a capacity 80 Pax.

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