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Salto de Soroa: Viñales

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  • Salto de Soroa

    Salto de Soroa

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    Jump Soroa located in the town of Soroa, province Pinar del Río. Jump Soroa is located in the slope South of the Sierra Rosary, Mountain range Guaniguanico, 7 km from the town of Candelaria. is about 200m altitude, the water in the jump falls to a height 30 meters causing the River Springs also known as the Rainbow of Cuba, which makes it famous from the seventeenth century for its beautiful and refreshing waters. is one of the places busiest because it from the top contemplated an amazing view. if drops trails that lead him to the hole natural where down waterfall, you can take a refreshing bathroom and enjoy again a panoramic simply splendid. next to it is located an Orchid and resort high natural attractions of singular beauty.

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