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Cayo Jutías Beach: Viñales

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  • Cayo Jutías Beach | Day Trip

    Cayo Jutías Beach

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    If you dream of pristine beaches and turquoise waters where you can enjoy the tranquility and get away from the large hotel complexes. Jutias is located on the north coast of the municipality of Minas de Matahambre, about 65 km from Viñales (1 hour trip approximately) access it is a built on the sea road has a length of 5 km, has an approximate area 4 km and a beach of good quality 5 km, known for its turquoise water and white sand but especially for the tranquility of the place that is especially due to the lack of permanent housing, the only services provided in the restaurant island are Jutias, some timbiriches state for juices, soft drinks and some light meals and a couple cabin rent kayaks and organize trips to a reef dives. To reach from Viñales Cayo Jutías can be done by taxi or private car.

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