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Museo de Ambiente Historico Cubano: Santiago de Cuba

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  • Museo de Ambiente Historico Cubano

    Museo de Ambiente Historico Cubano

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    Presiding over Parque Cespedes the Casa de Diego Velazquez offers a fascinating glimpse of a Spanish conquistador's former residence. Built in the early 1500s, the building is thought to be the oldest residence in Cuba, and now houses the Museo de Ambiente Historico Cubano. The conquistador and governor, Diego Velazquez, lived in the upstairs portion of the house, while the lower level was used as a gold foundry; the furnace used for melting gold still stands. Seeing the building's intricately carved ceilings, thick walls, and solid construction give a sense of the wealth and power of the Spanish empire. Each room shows a different time period, and the collections are impressive with exquisite porcelain, glass, and other household items, which complement the antique furniture. For those who don't speak Spanish, guided tours in English are recommended to get the most out of a visit here.

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