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Museo de Arqueología Cueva del Paraíso: Baracoa

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  • Museo de Arqueología Cueva del Paraíso

    Museo de Arqueología Cueva del Paraíso

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    Enjoy an extraordinary visit to the Cueva del Paríso Archeological Museum, near the overlook of El Castillo de Seboruco Hotel. 500 meter far from the Castillo Hotel, in Baracoa, you will find the area of the heights of Paraíso, where it is located “Seboruco Terrace”. Classified as phreatic origin, the fascinating Cave Museum is divided in three rooms where you can appreciate the forms of life, objects and pieces belonging to the first inhabitants of the area. You will have the chance to admire the representation of a Taíno village, just as a completed burial with the respective funerary offerings. This original and beautiful museum will allow you to make a historic-archeological tour which will make you travel to the ways of life of the first Taíno civilizations of the area.

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