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Orquidiario Soroa in Viñales

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    Orquidiario Soroa

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    Orquidiario Soroa located in the town of Soroa, province Pinar del Río Orquidiario Soroa Botanic Gardens Orchid of Soroa is located next to jump Soroa, which is part of the Biosphere Reserve Sierra Rosary, in the same is a small Valley that form the River Springs, main tributary of the River bayate. in the year 1943, a rich lawyer Spanish established on the Island decided to build a beautiful garden in honor his only daughter. chose a fertile Hill 35 000 m² in the foothills of the Mountain range Guaniguanico. Orquidiario Soroa the favorable conditions relief and the presence of Rivers and Springs allowed soon gather more than 25 000 copies of orchids from over 750 species from distant places of the planet. on the site of all of them 100 are Cuban, including Orchid chocolate and Orchid black. also, the garden has 6 000 species of other ornamental plants, trees and flowers representing Flora National several countries. diversity bird, many of them endemic in the area and wealth landscape it again interesting option and exclusive of all visitor especially lover enthusiast’s photography.

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