Fábrica de Ron Guayabita

Fábrica de Ron Guayabita in Viñales

  • Fábrica de Ron Guayabita

    Fábrica de Ron Guayabita

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    Factory Ron guayabita. Located in the town of Pinar del Río (city), province Pinar del Río. Known formerly as House Garay, is now one of the points of interest for visitors the territory, eager to discover their exclusive. since 1906 drink therein elaboraba was registered as liquor special and spent then renamed the West. the guayabita was born to stay in memory of that, with huge pleasure, have tasted your bouquet. production answers procedures manual of yesteryear, which gives other attractions to the product. in the present this is the drink typical of the province. your recognized quality earned him in the first decades of the twentieth century, not just titles and honors, in 1906 won the award of marketing, 1911, the award of fair Havana, and in 1924, won the medal in fair Rome.

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