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    El Parque José Martí is located in the historic center of Cienfuegos, it is one of the symbols of culture and identity of cienfuegueros and stands out for its Arc de Triomphe, unique of its kind in Cuba. "El Parque José Martí " was declared a National Monument on November 20, 1982 and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It is considered a must-see attraction in the city that harmoniously combines the neoclassical pattern of the nineteenth century with the eclectic code of the twentieth century and concentrates a large number of buildings of high architectural, cultural and historical value. "El Parque José Martí " recently take life, as many cienfuegueros meet to connect to the Internet through the Wifi is installed. From Parque Martí you have access to several interesting buildings like the "Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción", built between 1833 and 1852, but since 1835 were held there religious services, has two towers of 20 and 36 meters respectively where precious treasure stained glass and paintings of great artistic value. Another place to see in Cienfuegos very interesting is Reina Cemetery founded in 1837, the only one in Cuba that retains its burial niches above the ground level due to high groundwater levels.

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