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    In this area you can visit 2 museums: the Memorial of the 50th Anniversary, where you can see how people of this region lived before the triumph of the Revolution and the Victory Museum of Playa Girón, where you can learn about the details of the mercenary invasion in 1961.

  • Name: Kim Drunk

    Country: Canada

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, this museum with its gleaming glass display cases evokes a tangible sense of the history of the famous Cold War episode that unfolded within rifle-firing distance of this spot in 1961.

    Kim Drunk

    Name: Ken

    Country: USA

    Explore the tanks, weapons and a Cuban air force plane on display at this military museum. It also houses relics of the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well as a photographic collection about the historic event marking the first defeat of Imperialism in Latin America.