Gran Piedra (Jardin Botanico)

Gran Piedra (Jardin Botanico) in Santiago de Cuba

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    Gran Piedra (Jardin Botanico)

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    About 25 kilometers southeast from the city, Gran Piedra (Grand Stone) is a large volcanic rock perched atop a mountain, which affords spectacular views over misty peaks and coastal plains. The drive to Gran Piedra, though a little hair raising, is worth the effort. A 12-kilometer road winds up to the Jardin Botanico from the main coastal road in Parque Baconao, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of lushly-cloaked mountains and golden beaches. Here, visitors can admire a variety of orchids and other tropical plants. At the end of the Jardin Botanico is a seemingly never ending set of stairs that leads up to the 1,234-meter-high peak of Gran Piedra and breathtaking views. The area is sometimes hazy in the afternoon, so it's best to plan an ascent during the morning hours. Easy Day Trip.

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