Valle de los Ingenios

Valle de los Ingenios in Trinidad

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    Valle de los Ingenios

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    East of Trinidad, on the road to Sancti Spiritus, lies the lush Valle de los Ingenios with gorgeous scenery of green sugar cane fields, palms trees, and mountains. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the valley, also known as Valle de San Luis, contains relics and monuments from the 19th century when slave-tended sugar cane plantations and mills flourished here. Tours of the valley should include a number of key sights. The Mirador de La Loma del Puertos, an elevated lookout, offers impressive views of the entire Valle de los Ingenios. Also not to be missed is the 44-meter high Manaca Iznaga tower. Visitors can climb the tower for more views, and dine at the restaurant in the house next door. Another historic house turned restaurant is the Casa Guachinango, owned in the 18th century by Don Mariano Borrell, a well-known name in the history of the region. Here, visitors will find another beautiful view of the landscape, which also takes in the river, Rio Ay. A tourist train runs through the valley from Trinidad, and sightseers can also explore the valley by car or horseback, with or without a guide. Easy Day Trip.

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