Río Toa

Río Toa in Baracoa

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    Río Toa

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    Explore the fauna and flora of the known as Cuba’s Amazon and discover the widest river of the island. The Río Toa, name which means ‘frog’ in indigenous language, is located 10 km Northwest from Baracoa. It is born in the Chuchillas Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa and it flows into the city of Baracoa. The Toa is characterized because it is the widest river in Cuba and where 71 tributaries flow into. With a length of 130 kilometers, it constitutes the habitat of a great number of plants and birds. Also standing out, it has its depth and its lushy woods which runs through, by what is known as "Cuba’s Amazon". Enjoy an ecotourism day by one of the most significant spots of Cuba.

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