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El Yunque in Baracoa

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    El Yunque

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    Go on a trip to this peculiar mountain with the shape of an anvil and enjoy its nature. The Yunque is a mountain which is found 10 km away from Baracoa, located in a protected area. This formation, which is seen from every point of the city, this part if the biosphere of Cuchillas del Toa, getting the category of Outstanding Natural Element. With a height of 560 meters, its characterized because its top is flattened due to the erosion, reason why Christopher Columbus described it as a work anvil to hit metals. In addition to these archeological Taíno remains due to the settlement of indigenous groups, the area of the Yunque hosts a rich variety of flora and fauna, which have given rise to be declared as National Monument in 1979. Do not miss the opportunity of exploring one of the most characteristic mountains of the oriental area of Cuba and admire the exotic landscape it encloses.

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