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Parque Nacional in Viñales

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    Parque Nacional

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    The 150 square km constituting the Vinales National Park form a unique cultural landscape, the park is managed from the Visitor Center, which is located 2 km before reaching Viñales along the road from Pinar del Rio, the National Park has several excursions which can be arranged directly from the Visitor Center in the municipal museum or travel agencies that are located in the village of Viñales. Among the most prominent are hiking, the trail Cocosolo Palmarito about 11 km, this tour offers great views and opportunities to discover the flora and local fauna. Another interesting excursion is the "Maravillas de Vinales", which got its start 13 km from Viñales and just 1 km before reaching the Pueblo El Moncada, where the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas, this trail is ideal for watching birds, it is very important to arrive early in the morning, you can also see endemic plants. Viñales is a nice village for staying two, three ore more days. There's the unique scenery, pure nature around the village.

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